A role model for preparing for other competitions

Preparation Today Leads to Success Tomorrow

There are many activities which are given in the model exercise which must be learned to qualify in other competitions. This model is for the Service Selection board.

  1. If you are physically fit of a specified age and education qualification, mentally alert, have a love for the country, prepared to sacrifice life for saving the honor of the country, and prepared to learn deficient qualities essential for uniformed forces you can apply for uniformed forces. Start to prepare in the best possible manner for the test, appear in written test, qualify, and go before the board for selection. Let them examine and find if you match per their quality requirement, and if yes it is good. But if they do not find you suitable for uniformed forces you may be better suitable for any other appointment so do not lose heart, Continue preparing for an equal type of assignment.
  2. Uniformed forces provide a disciplined, safe, and secure career with a life full of risk and dedicated service. You have to be ready to sacrifice your life for the country if there is a need. In return, the nation gives you and your family due to honor, quality of life, and respect. You should possess certain professional qualifications, and will to serve the nation. 

Possess a Positive Attitude.

Think you have a positive attitude: Your self-confidence is of paramount importance. You have to remain positive in your attitude. With full confidence, you have to take ownership of your own life; you cannot let it go to waste. Instead of blaming others, you have to steer the boat by yourself. Your confidence will let you achieve all that you aim for.

Have faith in yourself:

You must have complete faith in yourself. You should be proud of your uniqueness and hone it so that you can stand out. Do believe that you would create your destiny daily.

You should organize yourself at every step

Be organized instead of taking a back seat and wait to see what happens to you. You should know what suits you best and accordingly devise your tasks. Take active help of mobile widgets such as calendars, to-do lists, reminders, etc.

Set clear your goals:

Before you set your focus, you should determine the outcome. You have set clear your goals to avoid a haphazard journey. When you have a goal in front of you, reaching it becomes all the more zealous.

Don’t be negative: You have to put a total end to thinking negatively. Even in the slightest of things, you should stop thinking negatively. Always know that God has given this life to you so that you can live it productively; never let negative thoughts cloud your mind.

Practice self-trust:

Trust yourself beyond limits. Your deep inner-belief will motivate you to move ahead. Self-belief is more significant than intelligence and education. You would be able to conquer everything if you trust yourself. You should never deter from taking new steps and making new moves. In case, you have been hesitating to do something you never tried out before, just gear up and give it a chance! You will surely win!

Spread positive thinking around you:

Interestingly enough, positive thinking is contagious. You should find positive people around you and without knowing consciously you would always practice positive thinking. This way it becomes your moral responsibility to spread the vibes of positive thinking among all those who come in your vicinity.

Do not cry over spilled milk:

Never brood over unpleasant happenings of the past. If you look back at things that generate negative thoughts, you would be taking a step backward and disturb your own life. Wise people let go of things and let bygones be bygones.

Release your stress:

You must always release your stress and mental tension. Remaining stress-free can only let you think positively and behave positively. Life is dynamic. We all have to move on embracing change. Ideally, we all should take life as it comes. Although ups and downs will always be there, getting stressed out makes things worse.

  1. Visualize success: Visualize a picture of success that awaits you. You have to constantly think about how you would become successful once you follow your instincts by thinking positively.
  2. Motivate yourself: You have to motivate yourself by talking to your inner soul. You should believe strongly that you deserve success.
  3. Count your blessings: Always learn to count your blessings. Every morning thank God for giving you a new day. Instead of brooding over what you do not have, be thankful for all that you have been blessed with. You can make the most out of what you have only when you realize the value of your blessings.
  4. See the silver lining from a cloud: You have to look for the silver lining in every cloud. Finding opportunities out of calamities would let you do the so-called impossible. Instead of getting down with the setbacks in life, take a lesson from every failure. It is only you and no one else who can stop yourself from doing something exciting!
  5. Use time and study with honesty.
  6. Enjoy every moment: Stay relaxed and enjoy every moment. Life is beautiful. It comes with so much, we forget to cherish. You have to see everything with a positive frame of mind and live life to the fullest every single moment.
  7. Meditate regularly: One of the best ways to practice positive thinking is to do meditation daily. Meditation helps to strengthen positive thinking skills and also enriches the inner soul.
  8. Practice yoga: Your daily routine should have a definite slot for practicing yoga. The power of yoga is acknowledged by the whole world. It is only through yoga that you can practice healthy living and enjoy your life to the fullest.
  9. Read inspirational stories, quotes, and the like: Last but not the least, positive thinking often results from inspirational readings. You should read inspirational autobiographies of famous persons like Colonel Sanders, Joh

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