How to use phrases?


After studying this lesson you will understand how the phrase is used


A phrase is a group of words and part of a sentence which is not conveying full sense. When a phrase that works as an adjective it is known as an Adjective phrase. When it works as an adverb it is called an adverb phrase. When it works as a Noun it is called a Noun phrase.

Adjective phrase

Adjectives Adjective phrase White elephant A elephant with white skin A blank page A page with no writing on it The longest day The day of greatest length The Indian flag The flag of India, The heavy load A load of great weight A purple cloak A cloak of purple color Adverb phrase


Adverb phrase bravely In a brave manner unwisely Without wisdom beautifully In a beautiful style

Recently Just now, or a recent date There At that place

Away Tp another place


Noun phrase Early to bed is a good maxim He hopes to get 80% marks

I tried to get the sum right To win a prize is my ambition

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