How to write effective sentences?


After understanding this lesson you will be in a position to use sentence structure effectively, how to connect ideas logically, decide the length of paragraph or sentence, and techniques of laying emphasis


The effectiveness of writing will depend on the effectiveness of the sentence. Inappropriate, sloppy, loose, and awkward sentences mar the chances of getting productive results.

Effective Sentence Structure

Choose appropriate sentence pattern, avoid awkward sentence structure, avoid sentence fragmentation, avoid fused sentences,

Analysis of a simple sentence Objective.

After studying this lesson you will be in a position to understand about analysis of the simple sentence and understand the system of placement of words


You have already studied about system of making a sentence. Now you will understand more in details about its system of analysis.


A sentence is a group of words that makes sense,. It is divided into two main parts- Subject and Predicate, Subject denotes a person or things about which something is said. The subject may consist of one word or several words. The predicate is what it is said about the person or thing denoted by the subject. The predicate may also consist of one word or group of words.

  • Analyze the following sentences
    • I read
    • My father gave me this book
    • The time to prepare test has arrived
    • The scholar Ved Maharishi wrote Mahabharat
    • Your brother is an army officer
    • He went home
    • The house is to let
    • Your friend seems worried
    • Our soldiers tried the strike
    • I promised him a present
    • His friends made Ram moniter
    • Determination to do ones duty is laudable
    • My mentorhas been teaching me personality development
    • Who are you

Subject word Attribute verb Indirect object Direct Object  complement Adverbial qualification

How to make a sentence

It is seen that there is a feeling among students that the English language is difficult while it is not so. It is as easy as the language you are using since birthhood.No teacher was utilized to teach the language you are using to convey your Thoughts at home. Learn the same way English.

  • A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense. A sentence can perform four kinds of functions:
  • A sentence that states or declares something is called a Declarative sentence or a statement as the sun rises in the east, boys were reading in the library
  • A sentence that asks a question is called an interrogative sentence or a question as to where is your notebook.
  • A sentence that expresses a command, a request, or a desire is called an imperative sentence as Please complete your homework by tomorrow.
  • A sentence that expresses some strong or sudden feeling is called an exclamatory sentence or an exclamation as to which book you are reading?

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