Trivia General Knowledge Quiz on United State of America (2024)

One of my number one nations on the globe is the US. A spot has each public characteristic one could want. It has everything and that's only the tip of the iceberg, including stunning vistas like the Amazing Ravine and significant verifiable locales like Mount Rushmore. Then there's the scrumptious food, the music scene, and American games. I could continue perpetually about this.

Have a good time testing your overall information with a random data test loaded up with intriguing inquiries regarding the US! Welcome to an excursion of information and revelation about the US through an assortment of captivating random data questions. This aggregation is intended to test how you might interpret U.S. history, topography, culture, and substantially more.

50 History Quiz Questions and Answers

Whether you're a set of experiences fan, a topography buff, or only inquisitive about the different parts of the US, these random data questions will challenge and engage you. Plunge into the rich woven artwork of America's over a significant time span as you investigate these drawing in requests, each joined by definite responses to improve your insight. Let the mission for U.S. random data start!

Important General Knowledge Quiz on United States of America

General Knowledge Quiz on United States of America

Q.1 What is the capital of the US?

A) New York

B) Washington, D.C.

C) Los Angeles

D) Chicago

Reply: B) Washington, D.C.

Q.2 In which year did the US announce its autonomy?

A) 1776

B) 1789

C) 1812

D) 1607

Reply: A) 1776

The US proclaim its autonomy on fourth July 1776.

Q.3 Which waterway is the longest in the US?

A) Mississippi Waterway

B) Missouri Waterway

C) Colorado Waterway

D) Ohio Waterway

Reply: A) Mississippi Waterway

Mississippi Waterway is the longest in the US.

Q.4 What is the tallest mountain in North America, situated in Gold country?

A) Mount Whitney

B) Denali

C) Mount Rainier

D) Mount Elbert

Reply: B) Denali

Q.5 The Sculpture of Freedom was a gift to the US from which country?

A) France

B) Britain

C) Italy

D) Spain

Reply: A) France

Q.6 Which state is known as the "Daylight State" of US?

A) California

B) Texas

C) Florida

D) Arizona

Reply: C) Florida

Q.7 The Social liberties Demonstration of 1964 intended to end segregation in view of what?

A) Orientation

B) Religion

C) Race

D) Age

Reply: C) Race

Q.8 Who was the main Leader of the US?

A) Thomas Jefferson

B) John Adams

C) George Washington

D) James Madison

Reply: C) George Washington

Q.9 Which U.S. state is known as the "Solitary Star State"?

A) California

B) Texas

C) Florida

D) New York

Reply: B) Texas

Q.10 In which city did the Boston Casual get-together happen in 1773?

A) Philadelphia

B) New York City

C) Boston

D) Charleston

Reply: C) Boston

Q.11 Which archive fills in as the preeminent law of the US?

A) Statement of Freedom

B) Constitution

C) Bill of Privileges

D) Liberation Announcement

Reply: B) Constitution

Q.12 What is the moniker for the focal area of the US known for its rural efficiency?

A) Rust Belt

B) Sun Belt

C) Corn Belt

D) Book of scriptures Belt

Reply: C) Corn Belt

Q. 13 Which of coming up next would one say one is of the Incomparable Lakes?

A) Lake Prevalent

B) Lake Erie

C) Lake Tahoe

D) Lake Michigan

Reply: C) Lake Tahoe

Q. 14 The US obtained the region of The Frozen North from which country?

A) Russia

B) Canada

C) Norway

D) Sweden

Reply: A) Russia

Q.15 What occasion denoted the start of the U.S. association in The Second Great War?

A) Pearl Harbor assault

B) D-Day

C) Skirmish of Halfway

D) Hiroshima bombarding

Reply: A) Pearl Harbor assault

Q. 16 Which mountain range runs along the eastern piece of the US?

A) Rough Mountains

B) Sierra Nevada

C) Appalachian Mountains

D) Outpouring Reach

Reply: C) Appalachian Mountains

Q.17 What is the authority money of the US?

A) Euro

B) Pound Authentic

C) Dollar

D) Yen

Reply: C) Dollar

Q. 18 Which U.S. state is known as the "Domain State"?

A) California

B) New York

C) Texas

D) Florida

Reply: B) New York

Q. 19 Who was the main designer and essential creator of the Statement of Freedom?

A) Alexander Hamilton

B) James Madison

C) Thomas Jefferson

D) Benjamin Franklin

Reply: C) Thomas Jefferson

Q.20 What is the term for the arrangement of government where power is split between a focal government and individual states?

A) Unitary framework

B) Government framework

C) Parliamentary framework

D) Confederal framework

Reply: B) Government framework

Q.21 Which stream frames part of the boundary between the US and Mexico?

A) Mississippi Stream

B) Rio Grande

C) Colorado Stream

D) Missouri Stream

Reply: B) Rio Grande

Q.22 The Great Gulch is fundamentally situated in which U.S. state?

A) Utah

B) Arizona

C) Colorado

D) New Mexico

Reply: B) Arizona

Q. 23 What notable occasion is related with the location "54°40′ or Battle"?

A) Mexican-American Conflict

B) Oregon Trail

C) Dash for unheard of wealth

D) A disagreement about the Oregon line with England

Reply: D) An argument about the Oregon line with England

Q.24 Which correction to the U.S. Constitution abrogated bondage?

A) thirteenth Amendment

B) fourteenth Amendment

C) fifteenth Amendment

D) nineteenth Amendment

Reply: A) thirteenth Amendment

Q.25 The Louisiana Buy was obtained by the US from which country?

A) France

B) Spain

C) Britain

D) Mexico

Reply: A) France

Q.26 Who is the ongoing Leader of the US? (Starting around 2022)

a) Joe Biden

b) Donald Trump

c) Barack Obama

d) George W. Bramble

Reply: a) Joe Biden

Q.27 In which city is the Sculpture of Freedom found?

a) Washington, D.C.

b) New York City

c) Los Angeles

d) Chicago

Reply: b) New York City

Q.28 What is the capital of California?

a) Los Angeles

b) San Francisco

c) Sacramento

d) San Diego

Reply: c) Sacramento

Q.29 Which stream is the longest in the US?

a) Mississippi Stream

b) Missouri Stream

c) Colorado Stream

d) Ohio Stream

Reply: a) Mississippi Stream

Q.30 Who is the VP of the US? (Starting around 2022)

a) Kamala Harris

b) Mike Pence

c) Joe Biden

d) Hillary Clinton

Reply: a) Kamala Harris

Q.31 Which state is known as the "Daylight State"?

a) California

b) Florida

c) Texas

d) Arizona

Reply: b) Florida

Q.32 What is the authority money of the US?

a) Dollar

b) Euro

c) Pound

d) Yen

Reply: a) Dollar