World’s 2nd slowest driving place to 5th largest CO2 emitter

TomTom Traffic Index report

According to a latest report by specialist in geolocation technologies TomTom, Bengaluru’s traffic has made it the second slowest place to momentum through in the world in 2022. Traffic woes in the Silicon valley of India is not subconscious from anyone. It would take any one on an stereotype of half an hour to imbricate 10 km. The veritably slowest municipality to momentum in in the world is London, where people take 36 minutes and 20 seconds to go 10 kilometres – the longest time for a journey of that loftiness out of 389 cities in 56 countries surveyed in 2022. In the third and fourth positions are Dublin, Ireland, at 28 minutes and 30 seconds, and Sapporo, Japan, at 27 minutes and 40 seconds.

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According to TomTom Traffic Index report

The 12th edition of the report found the traffic trend wideness 389 cities in 56 countries throughout 2022. The towage is not only limited to the loss of time while driving, and moreover focuses on other factors like money, environmental impact, etc. To study the environmental impact the study took into worth the CO2 emission per mile driven, and simulating how long it took to well-constructed a 10 km trip within a city, for typical vehicles like EV, petrol and diesel cars.

How much does Bengaluru’s traffic contribute in CO2 emission?

  • Bengaluru ranked fifth in terms of CO2 emissions per driven mile during rush hour. As per the report, London is the major emitter of CO2 in terms of CO2 emissions per driven mile. Reflecting the emotion of nearly all the Bengalurians, Professor Ashish Verma of Institute of Science Bengaluru, believes that the result is not shocking.
  • Bengaluru ranks fourth in terms of hours lost due to traffic
  • The report found that Bengaluru’s rush hour traffic has led to the loss of as much as 129 hours last year. Even without the rising popularity of WFH option post pandemic, there has been a rising trend in the number of hours lost in traffic jam. Dublin lost as much as 140 hours due to traffic jams.

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