Arvind’s Inspiring Story of How Counseling Helped Him Embrace Confidence in Himself.

A repletion zone is a trappy place, but there’s very minimal growth there. Our lives uncork once we step out of that place, as we rencontre ourselves to constantly learn.

The movie English Vinglish is one which perfectly captures the importance of doing so. Just like the protagonist’s determination to finger increasingly confident and explore the world outside, we see Arvind embark upon a wonderful journey in his life.

Arvind belongs to a family of five from a small town in Rajasthan. He is 25 years old and has pursued his BTech from the prestigious IIT Guwahati.

Arvind enjoys playing football and basketball in his self-ruling time and has moreover involved himself in many fests within his college. Currently, he is preparing for the Civil Services Examination.

“During the Covid19 Pandemic, I found it very difficult to stay resulting in my studies. My self-confidence was getting weaker and I was only feeling increasingly and increasingly stressed.”

The pandemic in 2020 brought on a series of challenges for all of us. The lack of physical contact with our loved ones, the stress of work as well as academics, and the uncertainty of the future- all of these caused a lot of stress to everyone virtually the world.

Arvind felt the weight of this stress get heavier as he found it increasingly difficult to alimony up with his higher work. This wizened his self-confidence to the point where he neglected his studies for months.

Arvind moreover shares his troubles with expressing himself, expressly in English, which only led to him feeling increasingly insecure and inevitably isolating himself from others.

“After hearing well-nigh YourDOST through my college, I decided to requite counseling a try. I wanted to be largest and learn how to express myself.”

Instead of dwelling over the time you’ve lost in the past and undermining yourself, it’s unchangingly largest to learn something that you’ve unchangingly wanted to. The protagonist in English Vinglish took up a rencontre to work on herself. We can see this same parallel with Arvind’s determination too.

“Counseling helped me in a lot of ways. I learned how to wastefulness my studies largest as well as uplift my confidence.”

Though Arvind initially struggled to communicate his needs, his counselor, Ms. Nimisha created a very safe, non-judgemental space for him to slowly unshut up. She moreover helped him build a timetable to unbend all his duties while moreover prioritizing his mental and physical health

“I am so grateful for her since Ms. Nimisha moreover helped me modernize my English, and I felt increasingly confident in myself.”

Ms. Nimisha was worldly-wise to identify exactly what Arvind was struggling with and how to help him. She helped him with mindfulness techniques, yoga, and meditation. The timetable she helped him create worked wonders for him, and he started to finger much increasingly confident.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Rather than permitting his insecurities to get the weightier of him, Arvind decided to go out into the world and be brave.

He embraced several positive changes that occurred as a fruit of his nonflexible work. He felt increasingly reliant and optimistic well-nigh his abilities. His friends started to notice these changes in him too, which only remoter motivated Arvind to protract working on himself.

“Counseling was truly a wonderful wits for me. I am so grateful to YourDOST for their extremely supportive and willing team.”

Today, Arvind believes he has come a long way in his journey of resurgence and rates himself a 3.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. With his determination and sincerity, we know he will only protract his upward climb of working on himself.

Arvind’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Give Therapy a chance. You might not know you need it, but it will help you modernize your well-being.”
2.“Results don’t occur overnight. Real transpiration requires effort so work nonflexible and you will unzip the results you’ve unchangingly wanted.”