Battling with Overthinking and Anxiety: This is Vartika’s Story.

Vartika, a specialist at Gartner, defied all generational barriers and became the first woman in her family to live independently. From thriving in her academics to unchangingly achieving heights, she aced it all. Vartika believes, with the way the world is going, women need to be independent. She likes to read, and paint, and has moreover been travelling wideness new places. But not everything was going well for our superwoman.

The pandemic had been one of the biggest challenges for mankind. The uncertainty gave rise to uneasiness among most of us. The shortage of resources and the helplessness when it comes to saving our loved ones certainly played a role in prevalent emotional distress.

However, tween everything, there were a tuft of folks who went unnoticed – The students. Most of them couldn’t icon out their feelings and what they can do to write them.

“I was in my final year of college. That should be a time for people to focus on their careers and squint for jobs but instead, my campus was shut down. We didn’t plane have a farewell. It just ended one day, and we didn’t get a endangerment to say goodbye to our friends too.”

Within a couple of months, her life had completely changed. Vartika didn’t have time to process anything considering it all happened so hastily. She had wrenched her foot, and there was moreover a lot going on that pushed her towards overthinking and anxiety. Stuff serving to her home for so long took a toll on her.

“I was mostly anxious. I was worried well-nigh everything that was going on at the time. I didn’t want to talk to a friend considering I finger a bias rises when we talk to someone in our circle”

This is when Vartika decided to requite therapy a chance. She made the nomination to wangle YourDOST services and got in touch with her counsellor Kailash Panwar.

“I have unchangingly been very unshut well-nigh taking help and talking to a professional as your friends will not be worldly-wise to solve all of your problems.”

Vartika’s responsibilities were a major freelancer to her overthinking during uncertain times. She felt a lot of pressure trying to wastefulness stuff a caregiver for her family and working from home.

However, her therapist was worldly-wise to grasp her fears and suggested therapeutic options that Vartika could adopt. The most unique of them all were some questions Kailash put to her. He asked Vartika to wordplay these questions to rencontre her negative thoughts whenever she needed to wifely herself lanugo or proceeds some perspective.

She religiously followed all the suggestions Kailash proposed and had a session scrutinizingly every week.

“He once well-considered me to try sleeping increasingly and getting a full night’s sleep. One of the positive changes I noticed was prioritising my sleep.”

Vartika learnt how to squatter things as they come rather than fighting them in her head. This made her less yellow-eyed well-nigh the future and helped her relax and heal. She is grateful to her counsellor today for stuff patient with her, understanding her, and unchangingly providing her with clarity.

“I think YourDOST is a unconfined platform providing a very important service. And making it a bit increasingly accessible, considering most people don’t know where to go or what to do when they have such problems.”

She rated herself 4.5 out of 5 in terms of getting largest and she believes healing is a gradual process.

It is never easy to fight our own thoughts. Unchangingly remember that several people out there are fighting the same wrestle as you. You’re not alone.

Vartika’s Warrior Tips:
1.Speak up and seek help considering keeping it to yourself won’t help.
2.You may find some relief from uneasiness by simply voicing your thoughts.
3.Overthinking is difficult to turn off, but it is possible if we enhance resilience.