Conquering Insecurity: Saptarshi’s Journey To Self-Confidence Through Counseling.

Saptarshi is a 24-year-old hailing from a afar town 50 km yonder from Kolkata, West Bengal. A final year MBBS student from Sri Ramachandra Medical Higher Chennai.

Saptarshi mentions having a fun childhood. He played cricket competitively at the district level and took a keen interest in all sports. He likes to be enlightened of things happening virtually him and enjoys reading self-help books.

Saptarshi is inquisitive to learn new things and thus has set a goal to learn finances. To alimony his mind and soul healthy, he engages in cardio and jogging.

He has a small family consisting of 4 members. Both his parents are doctors and have provided him with the weightier life possible that one can think of.

Shifting from your roots to a new settlement can be difficult for some. Without completing his 10th, he had to move to the cosmopolitan municipality to prepare for competitive exams.

Saptarshi missed his hometown where people knew each other. There was less hustle and precipitance in his hometown. He cherished the peaceful moments he had spent there. He felt it was a task for him to tousle at first in a cosmopolitan city. The surroundings were very contrasting to what he had experienced in his growing-up years.

“It took some time for me to get used to the new surroundings. I made a few genuine friends who have stayed in touch with me to date.”

Saptarshi explains how difficult 11th and 12th grades were for him. He carried a lot of negativity inside and was under immense pressure to one-liner the competitive exam.

Saptarshi revealed feeling insecure well-nigh everything virtually him. The insecurity of others stuff largest at every speciality of life undermined his confidence. His competitiveness with others was unhealthy which led to thoughts that pull him lanugo on the rise.

“I used to vituperation myself for things that I had no tenancy over and this undermined my confidence.”

“Home wasn’t a pleasant place at a unrepealable time, some things were not working out for me, which bothered me. Human relationships are nonflexible to understand, it’s complex, and plane without 30 years people struggle with their relationships.”

Saptarshi considers himself lucky and expresses gratitude to his higher wardship for signing up with YourDOST. He took the undeniability to get help from the experts and started with therapy sessions with YourDOST, overly since then he has been resulting and there is no turning back.

Speaking well-nigh his therapist Ms. Shravya Devadhar, not only was she a counselor but a friend too. It was well-appointed for him to share things with her. She would listen to all his problems and his major life events.

Saptarshi explains how his therapist suggested techniques like introspecting and prioritising himself. She emphasised taking a short pause surpassing he planned his next step and was worldly-wise to follow these consistently.

Saptarshi was unable to siphon out priority tasks and which would result in procrastination. Shravya assisted him in setting up boundaries for him to say no to things that can be neglected permitting him to focus increasingly on priority tasks. He had to pick his tasks selectively. It was indeed difficult at first but he got in the groove. He set his daily schedule accordingly.

The transformation lines post-therapy differs for each individual. Saptarshi showed positive signs and is on the right track to rhadamanthine a largest version of himself. Post-therapy changes are unseat to happen and it was finally working out for him.

Saptarshi shares how he feels much increasingly confident post-therapy. He has started to winnow people as they are regardless of their flaws and has ripened a well-turned tideway towards life now.

“I worry only well-nigh things that are only under my tenancy and laugh well-nigh things that are not.”

Saptarshi rated himself a solid 3 out of 5 in terms of improvements without the therapy sessions. We are affirmative that road to 5 is not too far for him.

Saptarshi’s Warrior Tips:
1.“You should unchangingly think that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”
2.“Sometimes you just need to be chill, be yourself and don’t try to please others.”
3.“Believe in yourself that you can do this, one step at a time.”
4.“Expressing yourself helps to get out what’s inside our mind, we should try often.”