Diwakar’s Journey Of Curbing Submission And Self-Esteem Issues And Discovering His True Self

“It is never too late to be who you might have been”

~ George Elliot

A true savant(e) and a football fanatic, 24 years old Diwakar had been quite a good boy since childhood. Diwakar, who currently lives in Delhi but is originally from the municipality of Saharanpur, was born into a nuclear household with his parents and an older brother. Although tropical to his cousins and extended family, he enjoyed his unshortened formative years with his statesman brother.

“Be it academics or life, I’ve been the kid who unchangingly listens to their parents. They wanted me to pursue engineering and I did so. Worked hard, plane dropped a year post my 2 to prepare and I was worldly-wise to one-liner IIT Delhi, my family was very proud”

Someone who embraced whatever was asked of him while putting his preferences aside, isn’t that extremely adorable? It feels good to make people happy by doing the things they want, but sometimes we just expect to do what we desire. Yet we rarely have the strength to transpiration the unshortened personality that we have ripened over the years.

“I didn’t think I had a problem to deal with at first. This is unchangingly how I was. My brother has forever been a rebel, and there have been moments when I have felt the same way well-nigh doing what I want and not listening to others.”

Diwakar thought that we should only seek therapy if we have a specific problem. Something that carries a medical diagnosis. This was a stigma he sink until he read ‘Irvin D. Yalom’s, Love’s Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy.’ This prompted him to rethink his fundamental opinion.

He was concerned well-nigh his visualization to study engineering without enrolling at IIT Delhi. He began to finger that engineering might not be for him. This is when one of his buddies well-considered him to seek counseling. Not for any particular purpose, but simply for self-improvement.

“Yalom’s typesetting had a significant influence on me, so when a friend well-considered that I seek counseling, I decided to go to YourDOST. They are associated with our institution for mental wellness, and my friend was impressed with their services as well.”

Diwakar was enlightened that finding the platonic therapist would involve some trial and error. His friend recommended Ms. Madhura, but finding her availability was a bit tough. He nevertheless booked one of her slots, which was a month later. In the meantime, he attended some sessions to find the right counselor for him.

“I didn’t have everyone to talk to during the lockdown. I was recently out of a breakup too. Although I was over it I had a lot of questions that I needed answers to. I had forgotten well-nigh the session I booked with Ms. Madhura but team YourDOST reached out.”

Diwakar saw a glimmer of hope in Ms. Madhura when life started to get gloomier for him. He felt an firsthand connection with her and thought she was similar to Yalom and that she understood him. He finally found his platonic therapist.

“I decided to shepherd her sessions plane though they were a month apart. I worshiped the one-of-a-kind relationship I had with my counselor. Without my session with her, I gained the conviction to protract therapy.”

Ms. Madhura told Diwakar to think whatever comes to his mind. Be it negative or positive but in the end, to question himself and what he wants. Finally, with various exercises and techniques, she helped Diwakar untangle his true self.

He started valuing his needs and moreover spoke up for them. He found answers to a lot of things that he was clueless about. Finally towers the boundaries that he unchangingly envisioned and learnt to say ‘No.’ He made friends with engineering and completed his undertow at IIT Delhi with flying colors.

Sometimes there are no flaws to deal with. Or maybe we haven’t found them yet. But Diwakar proved that working on yourself is unchangingly worthwhile. Now that he discovered how vast the wellness spectrum is, he feels that he still has a long path to go. He rates himself a 4/5 on the scale of getting largest and continues working on himself.

Diwakar’s Warrior Tips:
1. You might not plane realise that you need therapy. Try it once, maybe just for self-improvement. But it’ll transpiration your life.
2. Being a people-pleasing person is not wrong. But understand your value. Nobody’s wishes come surpassing yours. You do not need to suffer considering you want someone else to be happy.
3.Learn to say no. Build healthy boundaries. If you cannot yourself, seek help