Hiteshi’s Inspirational Tale Of Surmounting Anxiety And Self-Harm With Therapy.

TW: Sexual Abuse

Born in Bhopal but vibes with Bombay, 22 years old Hiteshi is a dreamer. She has been to practically every corner of the country, thanks to her father’s profession. Although that seems pretty cool, the grass is unchangingly greener on the other side. Due to the uncounted moving, Hiteshi never had someplace to undeniability home and neither was she worldly-wise to build friendships that’ll last a lifetime.

Her grandparents gave her a loving upbringing, but it didn’t stay for very long since they were too old to relocate to a new municipality constantly. The only unvarying in her life was her younger brother.

“He’s 7 years younger than me. Stuff the statesman sister, expressly in an orthodox household, comes with a lot of responsibilities that I’m not sure how to deal with. But having him in my life is the sweetest part.”

Although Hiteshi’s parents siphon a inobtrusive outlook, she keeps a progressive one. She wants to evolve with the world and wants to build an identity of her own. She pursued her education in Finance but soon realized that it is not her calling.

“I had a proper career plan that seemed practical to me but as I pursued the same, I understood where my heart belongs. I decided to well-constructed my studies in Finance but in the meantime took up several internships in the marketing domain.”

Her career was not the only thing she had to tussle for. Since her early years, she unchangingly excelled in academics, but the strain of stuff the weightier sooner got to her. Sharing contrasting ideals with her family made it difficult for her too. These heavy burdens were too much for her young shoulders. She started getting panic attacks due to uneasiness when she was barely 14 years old.

“At that age, all you need is someone who listens and understands you. And that was something I didn’t have with me the unshortened time.”

A diaper spent in solitary surely makes you mature faster. Deep down, Hiteshi knew that things needed to change. She took a keen interest in psychology and recognised that therapy could be an option for her. The only thing holding her when was her family’s stereotypical notions of mental health.

“I kept every thought whispered and went to a psychiatrist. And I was diagnosed with stage 3 severe anxiety. It wasn’t really a shocker for me. I was put on medication and the doctor suggested I seek therapy too.”

Hiteshi started taking her medications, which helped her finger better. However, when she felt things were looking up, uncertainty crept in. Following an unjust incident, Hiteshi began receiving death threats. She was finding it challenging to wastefulness her studies and work. And if that wasn’t enough, her family wasn’t quite helpful.

“I went through a serious breakup in the same phase. I started yoyo that things would never improve. Every time I felt I had everything under control, everything tabular to a halt.”

Hiteshi figured she couldn’t handle it on her own this time and finally decided to seek therapy. The visitor her father worked for, TVS Motors, had a partnership with YourDOST and she enrolled herself as a dependent. With the sheer determination of getting better, Hiteshi started searching for her platonic counselor.

“When I first met Ms. Pragati Agarwal, I knew she was the one. If I met her in general, rather than during a therapy session, we’d have been good buddies.”

It wasn’t easy for Hiteshi to protract her sessions while she was with her family. They considered her to be seeking attention. But she didn’t requite up. Ms. Pragati guided her with zoetic exercises that could help her with her anxiety. She moreover ripened a habit of harming herself with her nails and her therapist came up with a unique solution.

“Ms. Pragati asked me to get a soft toy. And I wasn’t a person to petting with soft toys but I got it. And I cannot believe I’m saying this, but it made its way into my heart.”

Hiteshi found it difficult to well-constructed all of the exercises recommended by her counselor. Ms. Pragati, on the other hand, offered solutions and modified the exercises so that Hiteshi could do them while juggling everything else on her plate. That made a unconfined impact on Hiteshi’s healing.

Soon she noticed the positive changes in her. She was calmer and started tackling her situations better. She learnt to dig deeper into her issues to icon out what exactly she was dealing with and what can be done. Getting tenancy of her life helped her develop her self-esteem and self-confidence.

She let go of self-harm and fought through her soul image issues too. She got largest sleep and started a healthy nutrition as well.

“I’ve been sexually longwinded in the past. Even Though I was getting better, this incident triggered a slew of torturous nightmares. Ms. Pragati pulled me when on my feet when I was well-nigh to fall lanugo the screw again.”

It would be a miracle if you could solve all of your problems in a few months, but Hiteshi was worldly-wise to overcome many obstacles considering she had the will to unravel free. Hiteshi believes resurgence to be progress, and we completely agree. Talking well-nigh how grateful she was to her therapist, Hiteshi said,

“Having someone to talk to without hesitation and who can guide you lanugo the right path without bias is something godsend.”

Hiteshi is happy and loves herself increasingly than anything else in her life. She gave herself a 3.7 on a scale of 5 for getting largest and feels she has a long way to go. A lonely girl who was so driven to stretch her wings that she persevered in the squatter of wronging is an inspiration in itself.

Hiteshi’s Warrior Tips:
1. Requite it a try. What could possibly go wrong? But, if all goes well, consider how your life will transpiration into something so very beautiful.
2.There will be thousands of things dragging you down, grab onto that one thing that pushes you to get better. That’s the strength of a positive mindset.