How Pranay Kumar embraced self-love and confidence with the help of his counselor

The role education plays in our lives is how we mould ourselves with the wisdom we get happy with, and this is the enticing tale of our warrior Pranay Kumar.

Pranay is a 25-year-old M.Tech student from IIT Roorkee and was born in Bihar, the municipality that sits at the verge of the Ganges river and is a pilgrimage site for multiple religious and spiritual followers.

He belongs to a family of 4 with his mother, father and sister. He dwelled with them till his 9th grade and moved out for his higher studies at IIT Roorkee. He is grounded professionally as a Manager at Axis Bank. Pranay’s favourite activities are Tennis and Cycling, and he is trying to be resulting in spending time doing these activities.

Growing up is a voyage of self-discovery. It is a span where we get oriented with a myriad of emotions. This phase is trappy and tricky in its ways.

“I recall growing up to be nonflexible on me, as I am an introvert. It took me time to relate with my parents, and our relationship is still fragmented.”

Pranay describes how stuff an introvert was whimsically welcomed by people he was around. It resulted in his conviction levels dropping, withal with finding it difficult to communicate with people, as he was wrung of stuff judged.

“I was keen on fixing this well-nigh myself and rhadamanthine increasingly patient as a person. It was virtually this time my higher partnered with YourDOST, and I came wideness their service. I decided to requite it a shot.”

Pranay articulates how his BMI levels were upper and he suffered from soul image issues. This hampered his self-esteem in multiple places and left him stressed most of the time. We indeed live in a world of judgments, and Pranay was unprotected up in this ruse and wished things were variegated for him.

“I was at the lowest point of my life when I decided to come forward and seek help. I am glad I met my counselor’s and found my oasis to discuss my feelings and felt well-appointed stuff myself.”

Vulnerabilities are trappy when we identify them we wilt increasingly conscious of our needs and thoughts. Pranay narrates how he attained this state of mind without taking up sessions with Ms. Sudha and Mr. Naveen despite stuff encapsulated in wonk pressure.

“I consider myself happy to navigate paths with my counselor Ms. Sudha. She helped me through all my issues as I had relationship issues, and she helped me through them. I dealt with social media addiction, and she spoke to me well-nigh ways to handle it better. She was there through it all, like a weightier friend.”

Pranay started preparing for his GATE exams, and the exam pressure started getting to him slowly. He mentioned how the fear of cracking the exam was too much and had self-doubts.

“Therapy and its notions are still difficult for people to understand and comprehend. I have not mentioned to everyone that I am seeking help, as I was worried well-nigh stuff judged, and it was quite challenging.”

Pranay narrates how just surpassing the exam he was extremely underconfident and remembers seeking a session. It was unfortunate for him as he was not worldly-wise to one-liner the exam with everything going on for him.

“It was heartbreaking. I am not going to lie. But, this was all a learning as unrepealable days are difficult, and the taste of failure unchangingly prepares us to be stronger individuals. I am ready to squatter life again.”

Resilience is what Pranay mastered, and tackled his problems head-on. This instilled in him immense valiance and hope. The feeling of moving forward is unchangingly increasingly optimistic than stagnant, and Pranay is that archetype example.

“I can do this considering I brought my counselor’s words into whoopee by sticking through the techniques she taught me. She suggested relaxing my soul surpassing sleeping as I had sleeping issues. My sleep is so much largest now.”

Life has its path to make people realise its trappy side withal with the learnings and memories it holds.

“The platform is quite helpful and helped me get to know myself better. I am self-ruling of apprehensions regarding my career and learned to believe in myself.

We asked Pranay what he wishes to let his counselor know as his words of gratitude, and he said “I would like to thank my counselor for helping me well-spoken my mind and for all the translating and patience offered. ”

Pranay’s journey had its ordeals, and he dealt with them with a sign of valiance like that of the lion king. He is a largest version of himself today, and he rated himself with a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of getting better.

Pranay’s Warrior Tips:
1. The first step to counseling is to take that unflinching step of going superiority and unsuspicious yourself by communicating it with your counselor
2. There is so much good in the world, and all it takes is a simple leap of faith to indulge transpiration to heal you from things that caused you pain.