How to Deal with Disappointment: 12 Helpful Steps

How to Deal with Disappointment

When you get disappointed then it can hurt. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a lot.

It can stilt you lanugo into a negative funk for days or plane weeks.

But if you learn how to deal with that thwarting in a healthier and increasingly helpful way then it can be less a lot less scary and painful and unquestionably a springboard or learning wits for remoter personal growth.

That’s at least been my wits in the past decade.

And in this post I’d like to share 12 steps, tips and habits that I’ve learned over the years and that help me to both handle thwarting and to reduce the situations where I get disappointed in the first place.

1. First, winnow how you feel.

Disappointment hurts. And that’s OK.

Don’t try to push it away. And don’t try to hibernate it under a big smile.

I’ve found that it works largest to not be swept yonder by such tempting impulses.

But to instead winnow how I feel. To let it all in and to hurt for a while.

Because if I do then it will go quicker and in the long run be less painful to process what has happened.

If I on the other hand reject how I honestly finger then those emotions can pop up later and at unexpected times. And make me moody, pessimistic or passive aggressive.

2. Remember, you are not a disappointment.

Just considering you may have been disappointed, had a setback or made a mistake and disappointed someone else doesn’t midpoint that you are a thwarting or failure.

And this situation that you’re in right now won’t last forever. Plane if it might finger that way today.

The truth is:

  • Just considering you were disappointed today or you disappointed someone doesn’t midpoint that you’ll be or do that tomorrow or the next time.
  • This does not label you as a thwarting (unless you segregate to put that label on yourself).
  • If you alimony moving forward and you alimony taking whoopee then you’ll move on and you'll improve.

3. Learn from it.

Instead of getting lost in the pain and negative emotions that can come from a thwarting segregate to see it increasingly as something you can learn valuable things from (and something that’ll help you to grow).

You can do that by asking yourself largest questions.

Questions like:

  • What is one thing I can learn from this?
  • How can I retread my undertow to stave this thwarting in the future?
  • What is one thing I can do differently the next time?

Maybe you learn that you can likely communicate largest the next time when you're in a similar situation or working together with someone else on a task or project.

Or that you need to requite yourself a largest wastefulness between rest and work to stave mistakes or to think increasingly clearly.

You might plane realize that you need to make a worthier transpiration in your life and start spending less time – or no time at all – with someone who has disappointed you too many times (or unchangingly makes you finger like a thwarting no matter how nonflexible you try).

4. Remind yourself: thwarting will happen if you go outside of your repletion zone.

Who is never disappointed? Or never feeling low well-nigh a setback or a mistake?

The people who never really go outside of their repletion zone.

Everyone who is now successful and you may squint up to have had his or her share of disappointments and failures.

Setbacks and sometimes feeling disappointed is a natural part of living your life fully. A sign of you trying to grow and modernize your situation.

I’ve found that just keeping this fact in mind helps me to stay strong and to increasingly hands handle my own stumbles and setbacks.

5. Refocus on what you still got in your life.

To move on shift your focus to what you still got in your life.

The people, the passions and the things you sometimes may take for granted like a roof over your throne and wipe water.

Tapping into gratitude in this way helps me to put things into perspective and to not let a thwarting overwhelm me and derail my whole week.

6. Talk it over with someone tropical to you.

Getting a healthier and wider perspective on what happened is, as once mentioned, a vital part of dealing with thwarting in a largest way.

And one of the most powerful ways to do that is in my wits to let it out into the light and to talk it over with someone tropical to you.

By venting as your friend just listens you can release that inner pressure, sort things out for yourself and winnow what has happened instead of trying to push it yonder or ignoring it.

And if the two of you have a conversation well-nigh it then you can see the situation through someone else’s vision and from flipside perspective.

This person can help you to ground yourself and to not make a mountain out of a molehill. And the two of you can together come up with the start of an action-plan for how you will move forward.

7. If your expectations are of perfection, then retread them.

If you demand or expect perfection from yourself or from other people then you’ll often be disappointed.

So retread your expectations a bit.

If you’re disappointed in what you did, what someone else did or how a situation turned out in your life ask yourself:

Will this matter in 5 years? Or plane 5 weeks?

That’s one thing that has helped me profoundly to not make mountains out of molehills and to retread my own expectations.

Another helpful thing is simply to remind yourself that if you buy into myths of perfection then you will hurt yourself and the people in your life.

Because such myths that you may have picked up from movies, songs and simply what the world or Instagram highlight reels are telling you will unpeace with reality and tends to:

  • Cause much stress and suffering within you and in the people virtually you.
  • Get you stuck in procrastination considering you wilt fearful of stuff disappointed or disappointing someone else once again.
  • Harm or possibly lead you to end relationships, jobs, projects etc. considering your expectations are out of this world.

Keeping this reminder at the forefront of my mind – and sometimes written lanugo on a piece of paper – has definitely helped me to retread my expectations and reduce my own suffering and disappointments.

8. Take a unravel (and find other ways to reduce your stress levels as you move forward).

Just focusing on your goals and working towards them all the time can rationalization unnecessary stress and make you lose your perspective.

And sometimes you just need a unravel to get over a disappointment. So take some time to rest up, recharge and to have some fun.

After you've taken that time off from your goals and dreams you’ll likely be in a largest place to winnow and learn from what happened and to then move forward once again.

When you’re in this increasingly level-headed place then moreover take a bit of time to see how you can plan for a largest wastefulness between work and restful downtime.

I’ve found that when my wastefulness between those two things is in order then it is usually quite a bit easier to handle setbacks and things not going as I’d like in a increasingly constructive and mentally centered way.

9. Get outside of your own head.

If you know you have a tendency to get stuck in mulling over a negative situation for too long and going lanugo into a downward screw then get out of your own throne and thoughts wavy virtually in there.

Two ways to do that and to focus your sustentation outward is to:

  • Help someone out. Help a friend plan for a party or a meeting at work. Or help him with moving boxes and other stuff into his new home. Or simply be fully there and listen to her as she vents well-nigh a thwarting in her life.
  • Exercise. I find that lifting weights or going out for a long walk is a unconfined way for me to focus outward once again, to renew my energy and to sharpen my focus.

10. Find energy and motivation then with the help of others.

Lift your spirits, up the motivation and your positive thinking with the help of others.

It could be with the help of conversations with friends, family or co-workers.

But moreover help from other people remoter yonder in the world (and sometimes in time). Renew that focus and motivation to alimony moving towards your dreams with the help of for example:

  • Books (motivational ones or perhaps biographies of people you squint up to) and podcasts.
  • Movies, TV-shows and Youtube-channels.
  • Online forums and social media channels.

Spend anywhere from 10-60 minutes with one or a few such sources to find new energy and a shift in your thinking.

11. Find a small step to start moving forward again.

After you have wonted the situation, perhaps learned a thing or two from it and upped your motivation then start to move forward.

You don't have to take a big and unvigilant leap though.

When I’m in this place myself I usually try to come up with at least the start for a small action-plan for how to go forward. I do that together with someone – like for example my wife – or on my own.

Then I unravel that plan lanugo into small action-steps. And get to work with the first of those steps.

If I start procrastinating on that step then I unravel it lanugo into plane smaller steps and take whoopee on one of those.

12. Modernize your self-esteem.

Improving my self-esteem has helped me to stave getting dragged lanugo too far into self-criticism and negative emotions without a disappointment.

It has moreover helped me to not get disappointed in myself as often as I used to but to handle a setback with a increasingly level-headed mind and increasingly emotional stability.

This moreover makes it easier to not vituperation others to finger largest well-nigh myself and to learn increasingly from this situation and get largest results the next time.

So how do you modernize your self-esteem?

A couple of the most helpful tips and habits I’ve found are:

Write lanugo 3 things in the evening that you fathom well-nigh yourself.

Take a couple of minutes at the end of your day to ask yourself: What are 3 things I can fathom well-nigh myself?

Write lanugo your answers in a notebook, on your palmtop or a smart phone. This will help you to start focusing on the positive things well-nigh yourself and to stop stuff so self-critical.

Stop falling into the treasonous comparison trap.

If you compare what you have, what you’ve washed-up and who you are to other people and their lives then you’ll most often start to finger depressed and bad well-nigh yourself.

Because there’s unchangingly people superiority of you.

So segregate flipside way of comparing instead. Start comparing yourself to yourself. See how far you’ve come. What you’ve overcome. And focus on how you’ve improved your results.

Those are just two helpful habits for improving your self-esteem.

You can moreover use much of what you find in this vendible such as stuff constructive in the squatter of adversity, stuff kinder and increasingly helpful to others, not thinking that YOU are a thwarting just considering of one setback and replacing perfectionism with something healthier.