Journey From Infidelity To Self-Discovery: This is Chirag’s Story.

Relationships are nonflexible to understand but it can be simple only when we communicate and radiate our love towards one another. It’s very important to invest ourselves emotionally and mentally for a healthy relationship, Chirag’s specimen was unshared to this.

Chirag is a 24-year-old, from northern India, who graduated from IIT BHU in the year 2020. Banaras is an warmed-over holy municipality located on the banks of the river Ganga. It is moreover a stop for pilgrimage.

Chirag works in a climate tech startup in Bengaluru. His hobbies involve playing the guitar, writing poetry and making pottery sculptures. He moreover focuses on physical fitness and on top of that he moreover sings for which he practises riyaz every day. He likes to plan the road though finds it difficult to follow it.

Introverts are self-aware and love to focus on their inner thoughts. Chirag is increasingly reserved and opens up only in front of his known ones. He is an introvert who has limited friends and does not socialise much.

In a family of 4, he unchangingly had a afar relationship with his family. Both the brothers couldn’t get withal much with each other. He shared variegated dynamics with his brother and used to fight each other.

All the events in our life happen for a reason which leads to many noteworthy circumstances. Some events just transpiration the undertow of our lives. Chirag had a similar domino effect of situations.

In July 2022, he was fired from his job post which put him into a summery depression. It was unexpected and came all of a sudden. It didn’t requite much time for Chirag to contemplate what happened.

“It was my first relationship and I thought it was love but it was a mere fascination of stuff in a relationship.”

Chirag didn’t finger love considering of feeling invalidated by his partner. He searched for that warmth, love and validation someplace else. He was unfaithful to his partner. It was an eye-opening and major event in his life.

“This pushed me into introspection which made me realise well-nigh my issues and how much work needs to be done.”

Chirag is thankful to his higher for partnering with YourDOST to cater to mental health. His visualization to seek therapy was a step forward in rhadamanthine a largest version of himself.

Ms Ishita Attri came to his rescue as a therapist when he most needed help. After a few sessions, he ripened a yoke to communicate and be transparent well-nigh his problems.

It started initially with a trial of 1-2 sessions but one thing led to flipside and this visualization reverted his life. Through months of nonflexible work, he finally understood and wonted his flaws to transpiration them soon.

After getting well-appointed with therapy it became like Saturday night with Netflix for him. He would squint out for upcoming sessions. Usually, he puts alarms as reminders for his priority tasks but never needed one for therapy. He barely missed any sessions.

Counselors suggest several techniques to help individuals overcome challenges and modernize their mental well-being. It helps them understand largest what they are going through and how they can improve. These techniques help them to wifely lanugo and wilt patient.

She suggested gratitude journaling and focusing on his daily activities. She moreover recommended to indulge in his hobbies and try to explore more. As a result, he started writing poetry and sketching. He started his blog and posted his pieces.

Ishita offered him a valuable tip: whenever his mind starts to wander, he suggested channelling his energy towards engaging in something productive or creative. She moreover encouraged him to follow an exercise the 4-4 zoetic rule where you inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

Adapting changes can be tough for some but good changes need to be incorporated for our betterment. Chirag had one such transformation where he learnt to make efforts and come a little closer to his family. With combined efforts of his and his brothers led to a transpiration in their dynamics.

Chirag finds himself in a much increasingly fulfilling relationship with Tia, his partner. He is equally thankful to Tia for yoyo in him and staying when he needed her. He moreover observes a sense of growth as an individual. Recently, he joined the workforce in a startup fighting climate change. He puts immense effort into his relationship and moreover reveals that his self-esteem has improved.

I’m just trying to be the weightier partner in my relationship. Whenever I finger like something is not right or I’m stuck I read some articles, talk to my therapist and get a moral compass on that. I immediately start working on it.”

Chirag mentions how he is still working on his porn tendency and has a long way to go. He no longer seeks validation from others. He moreover understood relationship boundaries and he treats them with utmost respect.

Chirag feels the subtle changes inside him and has wilt carefree of what the world thinks. His relationship dynamics have improved exponentially. He is in a much largest space right now, in a very supportive relationship with a loving partner. He is pursuing his hobbies at his weightier and plans to pursue his higher education now.

Chirag rates himself an spanking-new 5 out of 5 in terms of getting largest and looks forward to understanding increasingly well-nigh life.

Chirag’s Warrior Tips:
1.“If anyone wants to see positive changes there are 3 pillars or principles to alimony in mind. Direction or guidance that one needs can be achieved with therapy. Intent to take a step toward the transpiration will show results. Efforts, if you have the weightier intentions and weightier guidance but no efforts it’s useless.”
2.“The foundation of any transpiration is to be mindful of it. You have to bring it out from your subconscious to your conscious mind to get things done.”