Journey from Trauma To Triumph Over PTSD: This is Prashant’s Story of Regaining Strength With Therapy.

Shimla is a scenic unprepossessed town and the wanted of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Our warrior, Prashant, was born in Shimla but later moved to the popping municipality of Delhi for his future endeavors. Despite the distance, he carried the essence of his birthplace, the memories of picturesque snow-capped mountains and the freshness in the air from nature’s life-giving breath.

He’s a polyglot who can speak 25 languages. He didn’t have any hobby in particular but later found solace in playing guitar and strokes of sketching. Traveling and exploring unshared places is his ultimate stressbuster.

Prashant is fond of music and knows all the lyrics of the songs by heart. He’s a quick learner and was thus worldly-wise to learn new languages.

Prashant is a teacher by profession and teaches biology. He became interested in Psychology and started pursuing M.Phil in Forensic Psychiatry.

Prashant belongs to a nuclear family and is closer to his mother. His family consists of 4 members, his parents and his statesman brother. Physically separated by distance, their love transcended the boundaries of space and time. While each remained at variegated places, their hearts remained intertwined with a deep sense of connection.

Although they were miles away, they made a point to reunite periodically. During these gatherings, they would mart long-due conversations filled with laughter in the air that made the yoke plane increasingly robust.

A grieving past can trouble your future, and those who find it challenging to situate their past overdue unchangingly get haunted in the present. Prashant was unhappy well-nigh where he was and where life had taken him. He had a lot of expectations from himself, but it didn’t turn out the way he wanted to.

Prashant had to undergo surgery. Post-surgery, things drastically changed. It was a significant incident in his life. The images from that surgery used to haunt him.

“The wrecking had left a scar inside me. It was post-traumatic stress disorder. It was making my life difficult.”

The doctors post-surgery prescribed psychiatry drugs that had side effects. One of the side effects was upper thoroughbred pressure. On the contrary, his pediatrician suggested stopping the medicines.

Prashant ripened Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and had to take medications for the same. It was not going right for him.

“At midnight, I would glance at the dirty gown and I would have a scuffle inside my throne to wash it. The water would be freezing. I would not plane wait for it to get hot and wash immediately.”

Prashant remembers how his organisation signed up with YourDOST. He took the first step to requite it a try. Since then there’s no turning when for our warrior.

“I was glad to see YourDOST providing 24/7 support to mental health. At first, I was tumbled to segregate one expert. I just scrolled lanugo and wherever my cursor stopped that would be my expert and it was Mr. Ish.”

Mr. Ish was his expert and he was glad to have unfluctuating with him. He was hesitant to talk at first but he backed himself up. He shared his problem with him to work on the same together.

Mr. Ish recommended some techniques to follow like picking up a new hobby, learning something new, and grounding techniques to practice. He followed all the techniques that were recommended. The transpiration was evident inside him.

Therapy helped Prashant find strength and finger good well-nigh the transpiration he witnessed. Prashant embraced the transition wholeheartedly. Things that were once scattered and fragmented began to fall into places. He was enjoying the process and cherishing the outcome. His uneasiness was controlled. His parents moreover noticed the change, his wifely and well-balanced stature wearing a smile.

Prashant eagerly awaited the inrush of Mondays for it was this day his sessions were scheduled. With each passing week, his transformation deepened and he made remarkable progress. Prashant rates an spanking-new 5 out of 5 for his transpiration and wishes to siphon it.

Prashant’s’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Do not fake strength, it takes a lot of strength to say that we’re strong. Instead of that, we can seek help. Don’t fake things. We can be truthful well-nigh what we’re suffering from.”
2.”Accept what you’re going through that’s the first step to seek help.”