What is leadership?

Leadership is an art which is essential to be acquired before joining any service in life or even business. You have some inborn qualities which can be utilized and later developed as a part of the system to be visible and felt by an outsider.

A leader is a person who leads his followers/associates with him/her. Leaders have imagination, endurance, and are accomplished. They can manage change and possess analytical skill.

This is the time when you should learn the art of becoming creative and understand the difference between leadership as a science or as management.
At this stage, you should develop habits like being able to manage with meager resources, problem solver, competent person, have passion, develop need-based bridging misalignment, ability to boost morale, commitment to execute.with excellence, empowerment,character,focus on returns,interpersonal relationship,learn from mistakes,openness to new ideas etc.The list is large so you are going to be a reward so as and when you get an opportunity grab it and learn.

Must be creative. Take judgments, listen carefully, respond properly, value reflection, implement ideas, and be helpful to others and needy persons.
It is easy to say and do but you have to do it and learn, You will not find opportunity off the shelf. You have to search for it and practice and make it a hobby.

This opportunity is shared with your friends and let them be aware of the purpose, encouraged to participate, practice, develop solid values, lead from heart, establish an enduring relationship and demonstrate themselves as a good fisher.
Practic 6Ps for undertaking any work-purpose, people /team to be associated, passion to do work, performance during job, persistence, and parameters.

You need to practice your daily routine also with a focus on physical fitness and studies practice for examinations/tests. It is said that it is easy to learn and maintain bad habits but it is very difficult to switch them back. The issue of a healthy lifestyle is very serious but people take it very lightly. Often, it is seen that the people take steps to improve their lifestyle but due to lack of determination quits in the midway. Moreover, for a healthy lifestyle is it important that you take small and one-step at a time. Also, do not go overboard with it. Besides, this healthy lifestyle will help you in life in a lot of ways.

What is leadership?

Being a leader in the workplace isn\’t about being the boss. Leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions and the progress of the company – not shouting and ranting at people you think are weaker. Yes, motivating others and directing the team also falls under the leadership skill set, but leadership is also about how you present yourself.

If you are assertive, present a positive image and lead on ideas and feedback, then you are likely to be the sort of leadership candidate that companies want.

Why do employers want leadership?

Employers need workers with leadership because they need to be able to delegate work down the employee chain. Taking the initiative and making decisions is vital at all levels of a company – not just at the senior management level.

There are several different types of a leader in the workplace, from those that want to be in control of all decision making to those who lead by bringing the right people into the decision-making process. Leadership can be both autocratic and democratic.

How can you show you have it?

The main way to show leadership is by being one. Talk about times when you led a group discussion or managed a project. If you have been the secretary of a sports club or a team captain, think about how you went about your role and how you motivated your team.

If you haven\’t had direct experience of being in charge of people or projects, think about a time when you\’ve been put under pressure to complete a project and had to take responsibility. For example, have you ever had to cover for a manager in a part-time job? Have you ever had to coordinate your revision or coursework to meet deadlines?

How is leadership used in the world of work?

Leadership is used to manage staff levels and improve productivity in the workplace. Leaders can take charge of situations and make sure the job gets done. The best leader may not always be the person in charge, but rather the employee who best motivates and inspires enthusiasm.
Being self-motivated and taking initiative is vitally important to most employers. No one wants to babysit a new member of staff through their work. Equally, however, it is not right to simply ignore instructions or advice and do what you feel is right.

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