How to plan a presentation?


After reading this lesson you will appreciate the importance of presentation, how to plan presentations, techniques for rehearsing, and effective delivery.


In professional life, you will get many occasions when you will have to make presentations. It can be informal or formal, structured presentation of a message using visual aids. The oral presentation is purposeful, interactive, formal, and audience-oriented.

Planning the presentation

The oral presentation is the formal, structured, and systematic presentation of a message to an audience in a systematic manner in a limited time. It must be planned. The plan should involve:

what is the purpose? To inform, to persuade, or to demonstrate the topic material To analyze the audience. The acronym of Audience Understanding Demographic Interest EnvironmentNeeds Customise Expectations

Analyze the occasion Choose the suitable title Collect material

Preparing the Presentation Develop the central idea Develop the main idea

Gather the supporting material Plan visual aids

1.Plan demo

2.Organise your presentation Introduction

3.Body Conclusion

4.Rehearsing and Presentation

5.plan the rehearsal

6.improve delivery

7.Choose delivery method

8.Handeling stage fright

Checklist for making an oral presentation. Start with confidence, be organized, stay relaxed, Pay attention to body language, use appropriate visual aids, Pay attention to all details, close in a memorable way