Six Stretches to De-stress Your Body and Refocus Your Mind

Six Stretches to De-stress Your Body and Refocus Your Mind:

Stress may come on suddenly in the middle of a difficult situation or gradually over the course of a week. Your physical and mental health are being negatively impacted, regardless of the situation. Some mental health symptoms include difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts, forgetfulness, irritability, and fatigue. Your body may feel less stressed as a result, which could enhance your interactions with others. Being a loved one's caregiver can be a significant source of stress, but learning how to manage it will enable you to keep giving your loved one the respect and attention they deserve. Try these stretches when stress eventually becomes too much for you.

Neck circles:

Sit up straight, straighten your back, and allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears. Start circling your left shoulder with your head. Inhale through your back while exhaling through your front. Breathe deeply to release tension in congested areas. To the right shoulder, repeat.


Lean forward while standing up and reach for your toes. Your spine will lengthen as you relax your head and neck due to gravity. Grab each elbow and gently rock back and forth to relax the lower back.

Reclined spinal twist:

Put your knees on your chest and lie flat on your back. Straighten both arms out to shoulder height. The legs are completely lowered to the left and the head is turned to the right. Exhale as you allow your body to unwind into the twist. The left to right head and leg lowering must be repeated.

Legs up the wall:

Put your tailbone as close to the wall as you can while lying flat on your back. Allow your blood to return to your heart as you relax your legs and decompress your spine.

Lower back circles:

Bring your knees to your chest While lying flat on your back.

Anxiety soother:

Lay face down with your forehead on the palms of your hands. Relax the shoulders away from the ears. Rotate the feet outward and place them on the inner edges of the mat to open the hips. Take a deep breath into your belly and relax on the floor even more as you exhale.

Lying Glute Stretch:

This stretch will encourage your lower back to start moving, especially if you've been sitting still. Remember that according to Decker, taking a brief break from what you're doing can also help you decompress. Additionally, the stretch helps to relax tight hamstrings. According to Decker, it promotes external hip rotation and stretches the outer glutes in order to target the lower back.

Happy Baby:

The benefit of this stretch is that it helps with hip opening, a common cause of a tight back. According to Decker, we constantly adopt poor body positions because we spend so much time sitting down. These yoga poses can also be used to treat chronic back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Chest Opener Stretch: