This is How Vimal Turned Over A New Leaf With The Help Of Therapy.

From Kerala, a land where nature paints its most exquisite pictures comes Vimal, the protagonist of our story.

He’s a kind-hearted, hard-working individual ever-ready to learn something new. Without pursuing his Bachelor’s stratum in Kerala, he moved to Bangalore to proceeds work experience.

Vimal is 27 years old and is pursuing his MBA from the prestigious merchantry institution, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur. He enjoys watching movies and tv shows in his self-ruling time and occasionally plays basketball whenever he gets self-ruling time.

Human connection is something that all of us inherently desire. Weisberg said, “I think we all intuitively know that if we think of the happiest times in our lives, they usually include other people”.

Our personal relationships play a huge part in the happiness and fulfillment of our lives. Vimal mentions that he’s had a unconfined relationship with his family. However, things were not the same for his romantic partner.

Navigating romantic relationships in your 20s rarely has an easy route. There’s a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and insecurities. Vimal mentions that he’d been having trouble in his relationship, leaving him with a very voiceless sense of direction.

“Usually, whenever I finger low, I find it helpful to distract myself by watching repletion shows or talking to my friends. But this time, that didn’t seem to solve my issues.”

Finding it nonflexible to talk well-nigh this problem with others, Vimal battled with these difficult feelings alone. He started experiencing uneasiness and found it difficult to concentrate on anything he was doing.

“Things that I would normally do without difficulty were starting to make me finger anxious. Everything seemed to be getting increasingly and increasingly tense for me to handle.”

The older we grow, the increasingly challenges life throws at us. However, as we grow in age, we’re moreover growing with the opportunities we have to learn to be largest versions of ourselves.

Vimal took this obstacle as an opportunity to learn increasingly well-nigh what he could do to help himself heal from this wound.

“I heard that my higher partnered with YourDOST, and I thought of it as an opportunity to help me get some guidance in dealing with how I was feeling.”

Since it was his first time unescapable counseling, he felt a little skeptical well-nigh the nature of its process. However, with determination and courage, he decided to tint his fears whispered and take this first step towards a journey of lifetime healing with his therapist.

“I began my sessions with my therapist, Ms.Shravya who was unchangingly so unshut and patient. I found it extremely easy to connect with her right from my first session.”

Vimal mentions that Ms. Shravya was extremely patient and empathetic. She helped him reflect on his emotions, and navigate his journey of growth through this obstacle.

Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all we need to help us get clarity. This perspective was what Ms. Shravya provided for Vimal, and it turned out to be what he needed at that moment.

“She helped me try variegated approaches to situations. I’m extremely grateful for the wifely and peace she helped me find within myself.”

Vimal started to finger lighter and at ease with himself. He moreover found that he could cope with difficulties in his life with a calmer, healthier approach.

He expresses his gratitude towards his counselor for stuff a unvarying pillar of support and someone to who he could unshut up without fear of stuff judged.

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

Crissi Jami

Vimal’s strength is his vulnerability, and it is this strength that has shaped him into a calmer, braver version of himself. He rates himself a 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling largest and is a true inspiration to all of us.

Vimal’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Sometimes, it may finger like everything in your life is going wrong and the world is versus you. It’s important to hold onto hope in those moments and unchangingly trust that there is wifely without the storm.”
2.“It takes time for things to get better. Be patient, trust the process, and have faith no matter what”