Through The Looking Glass of The Wonders Of Therapy: This is Arkadyuti’s Story.

“Our passion is our strength.”

Billie Joe Armstrong

A young, driven, and vivacious individual with a passion to help people and make a difference. Here is the story of Arkadyuti, a warrior who embarked on a lifetime journey of self-growth and mindfulness.

Arkadyuti is a 22-year-old individual pursuing his Bachelor’s in Nursing. He has a true zest for life and a kaleidoscope of passions. Some of them include music, art, reading archetype literature as well as learning well-nigh psychology.

“Growing up, I had a bit of a rebellious streak. I would sneak out to learn guitar and I wanted to take music up as a career but my parents were not on workbench with the idea. That’s how I ended up in nursing.”

Things don’t unchangingly turn out the way you expected. Sometimes, they turn out plane better.

Arkadyuti admits that though he wasn’t happy well-nigh pursuing nursing at first, he ended up loving his work and ranking first in his university.

“I grew to enjoy my undertow by the end of my first year. However, things started to go downhill when the lockdown occurred.”

The lockdown was a troublemaking time for most of us. It felt as if time was scrutinizingly slowing down, and our minds were rhadamanthine increasingly and increasingly overcast with thoughts we didn’t previously have.

Arkadyuti mentions that during this time, he felt lost and tumbled well-nigh where he was in his life. He moreover mentioned that he was going through a very painful breakup at the time.

“I started to get frequent panic attacks and I felt extremely emotionally unstable. Things scrutinizingly felt stagnant, and the weight of my problems just started to grow heavier and heavier.”

The theories ripened by psychologists like Freud and B.F Skinner have worked the understructure of psychological sciences today. During the lockdown period, Arkadyuti wanted to build upon his knowledge of the subject and decided to pursue a undertow to be a certified counselor.

“Being in the medical field as a nurse, helping people was something I loved doing. I moreover knew I was developing a keen interest in counseling so I decided to take up psychiatry as one of my specialties in college.”

At first, Arkadyuti was a little skeptical to undergo the process of counseling for himself. He thought that it would make him unfit for his job, as a counselor himself.

Accepting help is its own kind of strength. Arkadyuti decided to be strong and winnow the help that he knew would have the potential to transpiration his life.

He found out that his university had partnered with YourDOST, and upon hearing well-nigh very positive experiences from his acquaintances, he decided to typesetting his first session.

“I decided to uncork counseling from YourDOST and it was probably one of the weightier decisions I have overly made. My therapist has helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine were possible and I’m in awe of who she is.”

Arkadyuti mentions that his counselor, Ms. Hiba, was someone who inspired him like no other person. She helped create such a safe, non-judgmental space for him to truly speak his mind and be as vulnerable as he could be.

“Therapy sessions with Ms. Hiba were a huge turning point in my life. She saw through the walls I had built virtually me and helped me unravel them, and be my true pure self with her.”

The techniques used by Ms. Hiba resonated with Arkadyuti both as an individual seeking counseling and as someone in the field of counseling. He found himself falling in love with the subject plane more, as he unfurled to heal in the same process.

Frank Zappa once said, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it doesn’t open.”

With the eyeful of therapy, Arkadyuti was worldly-wise to unshut his mind up so much increasingly than before. He became much increasingly mindful of his thoughts, feelings, and deportment and discovered a newfound love for life.

The typesetting and movie Dead Poets Society perfectly captures the passion of a true artist. John Keating says in the movie, “Carpe Diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

Akradyuti’s tideway to life is a similar one. He continues to seize every opportunity to help people and to protract growing.

He rates himself a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling better, and we are extremely proud of his journey. We wish him all the very weightier in what we hope will be a very unexceptionable future.

Arkadyuti’s Warrior Tips:
1.“You’re never alone. There are unchangingly people out there who want to help you, so don’t be wrung to reach out to them.”
2.“Therapy is a trappy wits filled with guidance and support. Don’t shy yonder from it. Trust the process and you will learn so much.”