Why Is It Important To Know The Officer Like Qualities

  • Social adjustment-cooperation; Participate willingly in group activities 
  • Social adjustment-social adaptability-Develop ability to get with around you in (functions, social events, meetings)
  • Social adjustment-sense of responsibility; understand the value of duty, social standard, what is expected of you, giving it your time and energy, attention on own accord
  • Planning &organising-effective intelligence: Apply your brain and find a logical solution to a practical problem
  • Planning &organising-reasoning ability: Quick understanding 0f situation at hand, conclude by rational think[ng
  • Planning &Organisation-Org.ability: the ability to use the resources systematically to produce the desired results
  • Planning &Organisation-Power of expression: the ability to put forward your ideas with ease and clarity
  • Social effectiveness-Initiative: originate an action
  • Social effectiveness-self confidence: Faith in your actions to meet unfamiliar situations
  • Social effectiveness-influencing group: get willing efforts of others to achieve the set objective
  • Social effectiveness-Liveliness on, remain cheerful when faced with difficult situations keep team cheerful
  • Dynamic-Determination: Putting sustained efforts to achieve an objective despite obstacles and setbacks
  • Dynamic-stamina: Ability to withstand physical and mental endurance 
  • Dynamic-courage: ability to appreciate and take purposive risks 
  • Leadership: Lead the unknown group and attain an objective

Jumping over a slide: This task involves you running on the slope of an inclined plane, and then jumping across a line. This line is marked at approximately 4 feet from the end of the plane.

Long Jump: It consists of jump across a 6 feet X 3 feet drum. For men and women, the length is slightly less.

Zigzag Balance: It includes a walk over a zigzag balance and completion of the walk and lands properly.

High Screen jump: Candidates need to run over a slide and jump over a screen placed after the slide.

Jumping platform: You have to climb a platform of 12 feet and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8 ft from the ground. The second one is to the ground.

Burma Bridge: You have to walk across a structure of rope tied between two ends of the post carefully. Climb from any side and climb down from another side.

Tarzan Swing: The name is self–explanatory! You need to climb up a platform, hold the rope, and take a leap so that you can cross the line at a distance. While leaping fold your body and legs and leave the rope at the instant where you feel it would be accurate for you to jump and cross the line.

Climbing the wall: Run up the slope of an inclined plane and climb over a wall (wooden screen) of 8 feet. The best way is to put your one foot on top of the wall. No for women.

Jumping through a tire: Jump through a big tire with your feet first. The tire is hung from a post at a height of 5 ft.

Commando walk: It consists of a beam having the victory stand. Walk from one side and get down from another. Sometimes instructions are given to shouting some specific things while standing on the top platform.

Monkey crawl: You have to move on a wooden log of 25 feet in length hung from rope suspenders at 3 feet above the ground level. You can choose either to slide on the long or get underneath it and crawl with both your hands and feet. But since it is suspended from ropes, as soon as you climb on it the whole set up starts to swing from side to side. So you have to crawl like money and make sure none of your clothes or body touches the ground. Used only in Air Force.

Tiger leap: You have to walk up a podium, leap and catch hold of a rope, and then climb down.

Rope climbing: You have to climb up a vertical rope to touch the post at a height of approximately 4 to 5 meters and then to come back. Used only in Air Force.

Note: Candidates have to make sure that in any task they should not touch the ground in between the task, if that is the case, they are disqualified for that task, and must start again that task. Colour rule and rule of infinity are followed here too.

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