Yash’s Inspiring Tale of How He Conquered Anxiety And Turned His Life Around Through Counseling.

Life is a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. We all encounter obstacles on the way that rencontre us. However, anything is possible when we have the right people virtually us. Here is the story of Yash, a young man who chose to have the right people in his life through counseling.

Hailing from Pune, Yash is a 25-year-old diamond student pursuing his Master’s from the National Institute of Design. He’s very passionate well-nigh food, art, textiles, and South Asian Cultures. He moreover loves to cook, read books and watch movies in his self-ruling time.

Yash lived with his family in Pune all his life and shares a good relationship with them. However, he mentioned that the topic of mental health was one that no one brought up at home.

It remained like this until Yash was diagnosed with Generalized Uneasiness Disorder in the year 2020. It was without this diagnosis that Yash finally opened up to his father well-nigh his mental health- which was not received very well.

Yash had been struggling with uneasiness for as long as he could remember, since diaper but the year 2020 was one which brought a whole lot of changes. Our unshortened worlds started to function differently with the rise of the lockdown, impacting us in ways we were not ready for.

This year was not an easy one for Yash. Not only had he been struggling with anxiety, but he was moreover going through a big transition in his life as he lived in Bangalore alone, a municipality new for him, where he didn’t know a lot of people.

Once his university reopened without the lockdown, it was time for Yash to move to his university in Gandhinagar. This was not an easy transition as he was suddenly in an environment that was filled with new people and new challenges.

“I was mostly spending time vacated when I had my online classes. The shift to campus was difficult since I was not used to having so many people virtually me, and my uneasiness became worse.”

Yash mentions that he ripened an unhealthy relationship with himself. He was not eating well and constantly blamed himself for any unfortunate situation that happened.

“Every time something went wrong, my first instinct was to vituperation myself. I felt guilty plane in situations where I did nothing wrong, and I would sooner end up shutting myself down.”

‘The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can transpiration his future by merely waffly his attitude.’

Oprah Winfrey

Yash’s determination to prioritize his mental health led him toward YourDOST. He mentions that he found it a bit challenging to find the right therapist initially, but once he did, he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders.

Yash approached two variegated therapists, Ms. Meenu and Ms. Jyotsana. They have helped him in variegated ways and have had an wondrous impact on his well-being.

Ms. Meenu played a major role in helping Yash modernize his relationship with himself.

“I’m very grateful to Ms. Meenu for helping me learn to be kinder to myself. It was with her help that I learned to forgive myself and stop feeling guilty for things that were not my fault.”

Yash mentions that Ms. Jyotsana helped him navigate through a very difficult situation in his life, and he is extremely grateful for her unvarying support and kindness.

The space created by both his therapists was so unscratched and secure for Yash. He never felt judged and was showered with unvarying encouragement.

“Ms. Jyotsana was the first therapist who asked me what I needed. She helped me realize what my true needs were and that there was no shame in asking for help.”

Gone are the days when Yash write-up himself up for things that weren’t in his control. He makes a conscious effort to be gentle with himself and unchangingly prioritizes his mental health.

Yash’s tale is a reminder that storms don’t last forever and that things do get better. You just need to have faith! He mentions that he is in a much largest place today and rates himself with a 4.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better.

Yash’s Warrior Tips:
1.”Acknowledge that you may have gone through something and that you need help.”
2.“Give therapy a try since not everyone virtually you might have the skills to understand what you are going through.”