Pune Architects Script Success With Eco-Friendly Educational Toys Handmade by Artisans

One Programme Helps Teachers Across 12 States Improve Learning Outcomes for Children

IAS Officer’s Endeavour Helps 120 Visually Impaired Tribal Children Enroll in School

“I Was A Backbencher”: Assam’s Real Life Hero Has Educated Kids of 20 Villages for Free

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Daily Current Affairs 27th January 2023

Daily Current Wires 27th January 2023National NewsRevamped Monument Mitra SchemeThe scheme will bring increasingly than a thousand monuments under the private sector. Under the scheme, the Ministry of Culture will

What Is Hermeneutics?

Hermeneutics is the theory, practice, and methodology of the interpretation of text. Hermeneutics is often discussed in regard to the kinds of text that are thought to be ‘worth thinking about,’ evaluating, and...