What is Examination Anxiety?

Exhausted stressed woman at her workplace

Anxiety is because of lack of preparation or feeling of failure so plan for study in advance, revises as per schedule, and study notes in brief pointwise.Concentrate on the main issues, the task at hand, stay motivated, and alert over anxiety is counterproductive.

Symptoms of the exam. Anxiety-physical fatigue, chest pain, upset stomach, muscle tension, rapid heart rate, disturbed sleep, not attending classes, procrastination, tea/coffee, restlessness.

Emotional-stressed, worried, irritable, confused, disoriented, frustrated, overwhelmed Management of exam anxiety.

Plan and prepare study schedule, do what is right in the right way at the right time Improve basic skills-reading, listening, notes making, writing, making sentence and vocab, positive thinking, Gather the material you need for examination, focus on the present.

Learn under schedule, prepare under the importance of paper-difficult first, read, reread, revise, write, revise notes, prepared questions, model questions, sleep well, exercise and meditate.

Spend more time on goal, try reasonable approach, be optimistic and positive, read based on customized approach, are you taking care of procrastination, fear, lack of knowledge in a particular subject

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