What are Spelling Rules?


After understanding this chapter you will be in a position to write correct spelling an essential part of writing


You come across one-syllable words, two or three-syllable words, or word ending with vowels or consonants. When they are joined with a small group of words we many times are confused while joining them.

The tips provided will help in making proper words consonant words rule example exception

One syllable word ending in single vowel +Single consonant Double the consonant before a suffix beginning with a vowel

  • Beb g+ed=begged
  • Wish+ed =wished

Words with two or three syllables ending in single vowel+single consonant Double the final consonant if the final syllable is stressed

  • Begin+ing=beginning
  • Suffer+ing= suffering

The consonant l is doubled, if the last syllable is not stressed

  • Quarrel+ed= quarreled
  • Parallel+ed=paralleled
  • Words ending in silent e

Drop the letter e before a suffix beginning with a vowel Live+ing=livingE remain before a suffix beginning with a consonant

  • Hope+ful=hopeful
  • True+ly=truely

Words ending in ce or ge Keep the e when adding able and ous Notice+able= Noticeable In such words when c and g are pronounced soft before e sometimes the c is retained to avoid confusion Swinge+ing=swingeing

Last word y following a consonant Change to I before a suffix except ing

  • Happy+ly=Happily
  • Carry+ing=carrying
  • Y following avowal does not change
  • Pray+ed=prayed
  • Pay+ed=paid
  • When ie or ei is pronounced like ee
  • I comes before e except after c Believe, receive,
  • achieve Seize, protein

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