How to prepare yourself for a Job Interview?


After a study of this part of the lesson, you will about the interview process, Characteristics of a Job interview, pre-interview preparation at school/college level, preparation after qualifying for a basic educational course, techniques of answering questions, Good manners, and Positive behavior


In all walks of life, you have to undergo an interview in one form or another and you have to prove your worth through your interaction, planned or unplanned. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the process and prepare your self for this interchange of views and ideas.

Interview process

  • Success in an interview depends on knowledge, skills, self-confidence, good speaking, thorough preparation, and the use of appropriate interview techniques.
  • The interview process though simple is becoming challenging because of :
    • Adoption of new technology
    • Growing competition
    • Changing demand in the market
    • Growing professionalism in the business world
  • Increased focus on the candidate’s personal qualities
    • change of interviewing techniques Characteristics of the interview
  • Few aspects of the interview worth emulating are:
    • Planning
    • Purpose
    • Conversation
    • Two-way interaction
    • Informality
  • Pre-interview preparations at school/college days
    • Physical development
    • Mental Robustness
    • Inculcation of good habits
    • Reading habits
    • Positive attitude
    • Participation in co and extracurricular activities
    • Develop your skills
  • Preparation technique after acquiring basic education
    • Self-analysis. Your background, identify your accomplishments, identify your Your achievements, your hobbies, and interests, career goals
    • Enhance your skills
    • Research the organization you are planning to join
    • Job Analysis
    • Raise your subject knowledge
    • Develop interview file
    • Learn good behavior and manners
    • Practice likely questions that can be asked.

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